Installing an archive file for the first time with Icon TimeVue softwa

Icon technical support

1) Please download and SAVE the attachment. 
2) We are assuming you have installed the program, registered it, and have rebooted your computer.

3) Please start the program, and from the switchboard, select Restore.  In Restore, navigate to the towers.arc file that you just downloaded.  Tell it to "Append to existing data".  Run it.

Once its done, you no longer need the archive.arc file, so remember to delete it soon.

Click on Employees, see if the employees are there.  They should be.  Then close that screen.  Click on Time Clocks, see that it says Clock 1, clock name, RS232, COM 1 (or 2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8).  If the clock is connected to the computer, click on TEST.  It will probably be 5.

Change the COM setting to 2,3,4,5,6,7, or 8 and test it each time.  Eventually it will connect.  Once it connects, say OKAY to the screen, and select "SET TIME" and follow the prompts.  It will set the clock time to the computer.  Next, mouse up to the widgets (circles) above the clock name, find one that says "RESET ALL CLOCKS".  Click on it, then close the screen - "X-out".

Go to "Get Punch Data"  The telephone lines and select it.  Follow the prompts.  This will send up the employee list to the clock and make them all active.  It won't work until you do this.

Test your ID number on the clock, then you should be good to go.   Check the time clock rules, call us, we will change them with you on the phone.