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How to upgrade a TimeCalculator from Serial/USB to TCP/IP network

  • Unplug the machine, lie it on its front
  • Remove the 4 screws on the back, remove the back.
  • Inside, remove the four PC board mounting screws (a very small Phillips driver)
  • Carefully tip the board out, you will see a 1" long removable chip.
  • Remove it with a small flat blade screwdriver, then put the board back in place,
    lock the screws back down.
  • Install the tibbo board behind (on top of) the display board. 
  • There are two free screw spots there, you will see 1.25" screws with spacers.
  • Put the spacers between the boards, on the screws.
  • Connect the cable to the top and the bottom.
  • Make sure the wire from the top of the Tibbo wire block matches the connection at the top of the circuit board.  You need them 1-to-1 match.
  • Put the cover back on the machine, plug in the custom wire to your network.
  • Run the software.
  • If you need to update it (Windows 7 or 8) find the drivers here: