Building Long Term Reports in Icon Time Systems TimeVue

Building long range reports in TimeVue


Step one:  Archive today’s data, give it today’s date.

                Save it to your archive folder, do not delete old punch data.

Note:  While you are working on this, Do Not poll the clock until you have restored the original files (today’s archive).  To be safe, disconnect the data cable at the clock, it will still accept punches.


Step two: 
Select Restore.

            Go to the Archive file you want to use, and select it.

            This would be the earliest date you want to work with.

            Tell it to Overwrite Existing Data            

            For each successive month, select any archive from that month.

            Select "Append" for these files..

            What’s happening is that you are creating a long list of punches
            for your reports.                    

            If you make mistakes, it won’t matter, as you’ve already backed up the current

data, and you are not deleting your old records - everything is safe.

Go to “Punches,” see if they are all there.

Run your reports.  

Once done, you need to replace all this with the records you had before you began this exercise.

To do this:  Select Restore again.  Find the file you made at the beginning,
            and select Restore.  Select OVERWRITE EXISTING DATA.

When this is done, you will be back to normal.  Reconnect the cable at the clock.