Icon Time Systems - coordinating several RS232 clocks with one program

Coordinating the data between the Portable Laptop PC and Main PC TimeVue records


The master file is always on the Main PC.  MPC

The slave file is on the Laptop.


Master controls the slave, slave reports to the master.

Slave updates the two RS232 clocks.


Set up all the employees on the MPC.

When adding/deleting employees, go to the MPC Clock List and select RESET ALL CLOCKS.  Then close it.

{Make sure you have the Remote clocks listed properly in the MPC Clock List}


Poll the clocks individually.  Not “POLL ALL.”

Archive the data to a memory stick.



After the first month, accept the remove old data prompt.  After the first month. 

Look at the instructions, the SURVIVAL TIPS on what to do with it.  You should make an archive every month.


Plug the memory stick in to the laptop. 

Launch the program.

Select Restore.

Navigate to the file on the memory stick and select it.


On the Laptop, tell it to OVERWRITE EXISTING DATA.

Then Restore the file.  You will see warnings; that’s expected.

Finish this process.

Go to the Clock List.  Select RESET All CLOCKS and close that window.


Go to Poll Time Clock.

Plug each clock in as you must. 

Poll each clock individually.  Again, you will get warnings that you have not polled all clocks.

This downloads all the punches and uploads the modified name/number list.

Finish this.


From the Switchboard, Archive the data to the memory stick.  Ignore the remove old data prompts when on the Laptop.


Go back to the Main PC.  Insert the memory stick.  Select Restore.

Navigate to the file on the memory stick.

Select APPEND DATA and complete this process.


That’s it.