Icon Time Systems product technical support letter from us.

Jessica, regarding your Icon Time Systems timecalculator terminal:

The other was converted from a modem clock to a network clock - probably by your tech guy up there last year.  I have converted it to an RS232 direct connect clock and tested it.  It tests okay.  No charge.  Only problem is that it is old, and the machine erases all data the moment the power is off.  Two solutions:  Buy another one, new at $495.00 or have us replace the innards with a newer one (but from same era) that I bought from a retired dealer last year.  It still holds the memory.  I would just need the card swiper component from the old machine.  $295.00 either way.  It would be a new machine, just never sold, from 2004.

Regarding communications on the Modem clock:  Something is simply not right with the phone system up there.  I will include a correct 2 wire telephone line to plug in, so we will know if that is the problem.  Secondly:  Test the line yourself.  Take a regular telephone and plug it in to the place where the clock plugs in.  If you get a dial tone and can call your home or cell, then it's good.  If you don't get a dial tone, then it is probably a digital line (what we are all going towards these days) and modems do not work on digital lines.  Modems are analog, digital is, well, digital. 

If you get a dial tone, then the polarity might be reversed on that line at the plug.  This can easily be tested by any phone-guy, it's a $5.00 Radio Shack "tool" - you can get it at Radioshack, a telephone line polarity tester.  Red = reversed, Green = correct.  If it's reversed, it will not run.  Phone guys are notoriously lazy and I know they can and often do, lie rather than make the test.  I have first hand experience with this.  Plus, if the phone connection is bad, I've even seen rats nibble on the lines, lines that go across flouresecent lights, then that can also screw up (kill) the communications.

Please save this.

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