TimeVue Show Hours

TimeVue “Show Hours” function

To show hours at the terminal:

From the switchboard, select Employees

1)     Open each employee file (this is employee selectable)

2)     Look for this line: 

3)     Employee Details  Explain… symbol with a red x   symbol with a red

4)     Click on the first symbol.  The drawling looks like a head with glasses.

5)     As you click on it, note that the red X is deleted.


Go to each employees file to do this.


When done, close the employee files.

Back at the switchboard, select Time Clocks

Select “Reset all clocks”. 
This is the 4th symbol from the left, the printer symbol is number one.

Close this screen.


Last step:   At the switchboard, select Poll Time Clock.  Do this process.


It will now begin to show hours as they punch out.

It will be inaccurate until after you have completed this pay period and begun the next.

The machine will poll the clock twice, so the polling process will take twice as long.


Additional technical support on this free feature is available only at the manufacturer, and in your online program manual under HELP.  Icon:   1 800 847 2232 xt 1