KB0007: Error Message: "Out of User Licenses" with TimeSource or TimeV
This error is most often experienced by users with a multi-user licenses.
If you still have additional licenses available and receive this message a copy of TimeSource on a workstation has been registered more than once at the centralized database.
 Please use the following instructions to correct this problem.
  • At the centralized database location (usually a folder on the server) delete the file TSUsers.mdb.
  • At each of the work stations delete the file Report.mdb and if it exits TSUsers.mdb.
  • From the TimeSource CD copy the file TCRept.mdb (located in TS\Support) to the directory where TimeSource is installed (Default location is C:\Program Files\TsourceV7).
  • Locate TcRept.mdb in the directory you just copied it to and do a right mouse click on it. Select Properties.
  • From the Properties window de-select the option Read Only (no check mark).
  • ┬áStart TimeSource and select the proper path that TSDataV7.mdb is located (the centralized database location).
  • You will be prompted to enter in your registration code at this workstation. Please do so.
  • Also re-enter any additional option codes if needed by selecting File>Install New Modules from the TimeSource Menu bar. Repeat steps 2 through 7 for the remaining workstations.