Rave Reviews about our after the sale service!

Dear Sir or Madam
We have recently been advised that you purchased a time control system from Employee Time Clocks in Florida.  We are evaluating their systems and requested some local references to ensure that the system and company were satisfactory for your purposes.  
As such we would greatly appreciate a few moments of your time to simply return this email with any comments you might have on your dealings with Employee Time Clocks and the system you purchased.
Are you satisfied with the service you received? 
The service we have received from Employee Time Clocks was excellent, prompt, and comprehensive.
Is the system working well and have you had any further service requirements?
The Hand Punch and Software has worked error-free for the last 2 years.  Recently, I upgraded to a new computer, and called Employee Time Clocks for assistance in transferring the software and data to my new system.  They were very helpful, and connected me directly to the technical support department at Icon Systems, which walked me smoothly through the upgrade process with no difficulty.
Did you install the system yourself and did you have any difficulties in setting it up?
I did install the system myself, and found the installation documentation that accompanied the system was very detailed and easy to follow.  The manuals and online support for these products are quite comprehensive, and, if all else fails, a quick call to Joe at Employee Time Clocks will solve any problems you might encounter. 
Have there been any issues with either the company or the system that you could comment on?Both the company and the system have been great to deal with.  The clock and software saves me about 5 hrs of mindless data entry every pay period, and its ability to export payroll data to a wide variety of software and payroll companies is very useful.
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Yours truly,
Ben Doro B.A., C.M.A.
Nella Cutlery and Food Equipment Inc.