More customer feedback on our after the sale service

A potential client up north (Canada) asked for biometric hand punch Icon Time System references in Canada.  I took a chance and sent him three from our list.  This is his second reply - two have replied so far.  We rarely give out references, it's an intrusion to the customers, but the economy is tight, so I took a chance.  Our customers, you folks, came through for us!

Hey Joe.
Thanks for fixing the quote.  Here is another reply from the other client you sent.

Amazed that they even replied to be honest.  You must really be good.

Thanks again.  Will finalize order shortly….trying to get a hold of company owners to get credit card numbers but they have been kinda scarce.  Stay tuned.

From: Mahendra Damania []
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 1:48 PM
To: Ben Doro
Subject: Re: Your time control system
Hi Ben,

We purchased a time control system from Florida Time Clocks. We had timely service from them, replies to your request is as follows:
Are you satisfied with the service you received? Yes
Is the system working well and have you had any further service requirements? - System is working fine, no service call.
Did you install the system yourself and did you have any difficulties in setting it up? - Yes we did install ourselves
Have there been any issues with either the company or the system that you could comment on?  No
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Mahendra Damania
Quality Assurance
H H Metal Stamping Co
250 Norfinch Drive, Downsview,
Ontario, M3N 1Y4