TimeSource software: How to set up and install an employee.

Icon TimeSource - Installing new employees, step by step
(Simplest version, you can do more as needed)

Written by Joe Wagner, February 4, 1995
Revised and updated July 7, 2006. 
Rechecked for accuracy and relevance 12/21/2009


1)      Put the last name on a sticker, attach to a badge

2)      Select Employees from the Switchboard

3)      Click on the badge icon to the left of the trash can icon

4)      In the box that pops up, enter the number from the badge card

5)      Double-check your entry, then select OK


6)      The box closes, the prompt is now in the “Short Name” field.

7)      Enter the last name here.  Tab once to the Employee ID field.

8)      Put the payroll ID number here if you use it.  If not, tab again.


9)      Enter the last, then first name here.  Tab 5x to the Class field.

10)  Carefully enter the proper value here:  Full, Part, or the default – Temporary.

11)  If you are using Proximity or Mag Swipe badges and the employee does not change departments, select Swipe and Go.  If the employee does change departments, or if you are using PIN Entry, do not select Swipe and Go.  This is an individual setting for each employee.


12)  If you selected Swipe and Go, you will need to Mouse up to the Department list. If not, then just tab again to the Department List.  Type the first few letters of the department, or use the drop down list.  Select the department (or departments) that employee uses.  If they use more than One Department, set the order in the right column so that the most common one they use is the first they get to choose.


13)  Tab to wage if you want it to compute the hourly wages for you.

14)  Mouse to Employee Info field and left click one time.

15)  Mouse up to the badge icon to the left of the trash can and repeat this process.

16)  When done, simply close the screen.


17)  Go to the clock list, select Reset Clock and close that screen.

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