Reseting the Ink capacity indicator on an Amano PIX 200

Amano PIX200 How to reset the Ink capacity guage

 Remove the cover.

If the ribbon is printing light, replace it.

Click here for a replacement ribbon

Click here for a key for this machine

To replace the cartridge ribbon:

Insert the key and turn counterclockwise to unlock the cover.

Pull the two ribbon release tabs upward.

While holding the release tabs in an upward position, pull the ribbon cassette out of the cradle.

The new ribbon snaps back in.

Field Service Tips: 

Blow out the inside of the clock with compressed air, or use a straw and your lungs.

Put a drop or two of any lightweight oil on the stainless steel shaft when you replace the ribbon, the machine will last much longer.

To Reset the INK capacity gauge:
Press the (+) and (-) buttons at the same time for more than 2 seconds.

E ********** F  will update automatically.
Note: The indicator is based on a counter, like your automobiles check engine lights.


Replace the cover. You, hard worker, are done with this task.