Icon Virtual terminal software installation

Virtual Terminal Site Installation


The Virtual Terminal Icon is installed by loading the basic software, then linking it to

the server.  The Icon is then imported to the computer monitor at the store,

and then properly activated.  As each store does this, the list of available

choices (locations) will decline.  The last one to do this will have the easiest time

of them all.


Please take your time as you do this procedure. You will be done sooner if you do.

Remote desk Setup:


At the bottom left of the screen is the Start button.  We begin there.

Right click on Start.  Left Click on Explore.  See the Start Menu.

Scroll down on the left side to “apps” on ‘2000srv’ (T)


Double (left) click on “virtual”  You should see a list of all the offices

Pick YOUR Office,  double click on YOUR OFFICE.


See another menu pop-up.  Right click on the TS Virtual icon. 

It will say “Icon Time Systems”


Left click on the option “Send to”, pick and click on Desktop (create shortcut on desktop)


Close Explorer by clicking on the small “x” in the upper left corner


Right click on the new shortcut on your desktop to TSVirtual


Double left click on “folder (T)”


Pick TsourceV7.  Click on TsdataV7.mdb

Chose from the list the one that is YOUR OFFICE and click “OK”.

Next window, pick your size as “medium”.  Close it out, you’ve done it.


To operate:  Click on the Virtual icon.  Click on the <> box and follow the prompts using

The numeric keypad, or the mouse if you so choose, press the ENTER key or IN or OUT keys as needed.