Acroprint 175 - Setting the daylight savings on a punch clock

Lathem 5000, Acroprint AP175
Daylight Savings Time 2010 instructions
No matter what year it is, if you follow these instructions,
your machine will work fine.
Just set your date for 1/1/2010 and make these changes. 
Then reset it to the correct date when you are done.


Remove the cover with the barrel key, #699 is on the key.

Lost the key?  Order it here (click this line)

See 5 buttons, 5,4,3,2,1  Left to right.  SW5, SW4, SW3…

Press 5 (see MODE below the 5 button) and release.

Do this 3 times.  The START DAYLIGHT SAVINGS arrow will be flashing.


Press 3 several times until you see “3” flashing.  This is March.

Press 2 until you see “08” flashing.   This is the 8th of March.

Press 1 (see SET) below the 1 button.


Press 1 and release, again.

Press 5 and release, four times.

The END DAYLIGHT SAVINGS arrow will be flashing.

Press 4 until you see the current year (it will probably default to 2008)

Press Set. Accept the value of 11 (November).

Press Set again.

Press 2, changing the value to 08.  It will probably say 28, then 29,30,31,1,2,3..

Press 1 (SET) twice, and you are done.


Setting the time manually:

Press 5 once.  The Hour Minute arrow flashes.

Press 3 until the correct hour is displayed.  The seconds are automatically reset to 00

Press 2 until the desired minutes are displayed.  Press 1.  Press 1 again.

You are done.