Time Clock Ribbons

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Acroprint 125                      Acroprint 150
Acroprint 175                      ATT310
Acroprint ES1000                Acroprint ES700, 900
Acroprint ET                        Acroprint ETC

Amano Cincinnati 10000 series
Amano MJR7000                Amano MJR8000
Amano PIX                         Amano EX
Amano TCX                        Amano MRX

ICON SP250                      Icon TL300
Isgus 2005                           Isgus 2020
Isgus 2030                           Isgus 2040

Lathem 1000E                     Lathem 2000, 2100, 2200 (everything even “close“)
Lathem 4000 (all)                 Lathem 1500E
Lathem 5000E                     Lathem 7000E

Pyramid 1000                      Pyramid 3500, 3700
Pyramid 4000                      Pyramid 4000HD, Pyramid 4100}

Rapidprint AR-E                  Rapidprint C724 Number/Date stamper
Rapidprint AN-E

Simplex 002                       Simplex HA2G

Widmer T-3                       Widmer 776