See the Florida Time Clock "Wall of Happiness!"


I found your company while Googling for a time clock. Trish answered when I called and was fabulous! She knew just what I wanted and directed me to the exact spot on the website so I could see what clock she was suggesting. I can't tell you enough how great she was to work with--it's nice to have someone on the other end of the phone who has a good personality, can joke and laugh, and still get the job done. I felt like I was talking to a long-lost friend, not some monotone robot-type with no personality. We haven't received our clock yet but I'm sure we'll be pleased. The first company I was talking to were going to charge us double the normal price, plus he was trying to sell me a clock for an inside, dust-free environment--the time clock is for a sawmill! Then the second company I called only had an answering machine. So on the 3rd try, I struck gold! Thank you so much for making this complicated decision so easy. Trish is an absolute goldmine for your company and I hope you appreciate her for what she brings to your company and your customers. :)
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