RTC1000 QuickBooks Plug-in

Integrating your time and attendance data with QuickBooks Payroll is now easier than ever!

You know the value of calculating employee time automatically with your automated time clock. 
Why not take it to the next level with our QuickBooks Plug-in?

Import employee names in just a couple of clicks.
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Using Icon Time Systems industry leading QuickBooks Plug-in application, you can now directly import your employee hours from the RTC1000 to QuickBooks, quicker than ever.  Icon Time Systems' QuickBooks Plug-in offers unparalleled integration with QuickBooks Payroll, new features and greater simplicity.  This one-of-a-kind application allows you to manage your employee time clock directly from QuickBooks, import regular and overtime hours and synchronize employees between both programs.

Streamline your business processes even more by integrating your time clock with QuickBooks Payroll.

Simple Employee Setup - with the QuickBooks Plug-in, setting up your employees is quick and easy.
   ::-->  Instantly export QuickBooks employees to your time clock
   ::-->  Easily import existing time clock employees to QuickBooks
   ::-->  Link your existing QuickBooks employees with employees
           preexisting in the time clock
Straight Forward Configuration
   ::-->  The QuickBooks Plug-in automatically matches QuickBooks 
           pay items with pay items in the time clock.
   ::-->  Employee PIN numbers are automatically assigned to 
           new employees
Instantly Import Employee Hours
   ::-->   Imports Regular and Overtime hours directly to 
           QuickBooks Timesheets