If I had a blog, these observations would be in it.

Okay, I don't have a blog.  But if I did, these snippits from my life would be in there:

I left the wife and went sailing in Tampa Bay on Sunday, Fathers Day.  On the way to the marina where I meet the crew, I stopped to grab some vittels (southern talk to you guys up there). It's an informal club, the boat is, unfortunately, for sale.  The owner is nearly dead (he can barely move, they call him "Skipper", he used to be athletic and brilliant). He tried to give the boat away to a local marine college. For a variety of reasons, they said "no thanks" to an all steel, 3 mast, 55', 9 ton sailboat based on an 1895 design.
On the way, I stopped to grab some food for the day.  Gatorade, a cuban sandwich (which is a sub sandwich that they have removed the flavor with great precision), and a small fruit salad.  The woman behind the register said "Thank you, and happy Father's Day!" 

Here's the rub:  To the best of my knowledge (and I'm pretty sure of this), there is no 25 y/o "Joey the 3'rd" running around with a lazy eye....  I said to her "Um, thanks - and the same to you!"  

Happy Fathers Day - it's not mine.

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