Fixing employees who refuse to use a time clock


Thank you very much for your down-to-earth perspective, AND options. Believe me, all those
thoughts have crossed my mind - frequently - daily...

I will bring the other solutions to the attention of the owner.


On 9/3/2010 5:17 AM, Time Source wrote:
 They are being unreasonable.  The end result of this is usually one of two things:
1) Company closure > 2) Unemployment for the offenders, or in the case of #1, everyone.

 Disipline is what keeps things in order. Lack of discipline, allowing sniping and
 challenges to basic authority breaks down the very system that provided the mechanism
 which employs these people. Plus, darn it, THEY WORK FOR YOU, AT YOUR PLEASURE.   

Sorry, it's just the way it is. I just fired someone who, after 7 years, politely, refused to do "parts" of their job for the past year. We now have 16 applicants for the same position, some of them are overqualified, but looking for a more reasonable place to work than a large corporation

 Other solutions:
 Unbeatable: Made in USA

 Newer than yours - and better: 

Go with biometrics.  Modern, fast, and expected.. They simply look at it. Like you looking at them when they walk in, or give it the finger. Pun intended.  
 That is biometric identification. I wouldn't share this concept with them as they may
 demand that you quit looking at them, it's offensive. See how bizarre this is? How much
 distrust there is from those two people?

 We're here, 8:30 to 5PM, Eastern Standard Time. I don't mean to offend, but for Christs
 sake, someone has to make the case.


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