uAttend hosted time clocking systems

uAttend web hosted time clocking systems: How they work:

uAttend connects three ways: 
1) Cable into your network   2) Wireless Wi-Fi connection 
3) Telephone Punch (.15 per call)
Choice of four ways to punch:  PIN, Proximity Card, fingerprint (coming soon), or telephone.
Real Time Reports:
   When someone punches IN or OUT, that information is instantly updated on the uAttend website.
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Includes FREE Lifetime Factory Software Support, free installation and setup support.
Two supervisor settings:  View only, View and edit.
When an edit is made, the audit trail tells you who made that edit.

Many standard reports are included, plus exports to Excel and Processing Point.
QuickBooks, PayChex, Payroll1, SurePayroll, are $5.00 more per month.
Nearly any other payroll export can be added - call us for information.
It is easy to Email time cards, summary reports, more.

Compatible with Windows PC, Linux, Apple MAC
Connect multiple clocks and locations to a single master file.  Access from anywhere!
Control:  Send employees messages on the screen from anywhere.
This is a one to two-clock system, there is a nominal fee to go above that:
$10 each, clocks are sold separately.
Includes Unlimited Departments, Benefit hour ACCRUALS, Scheduling, LockOut Zones, IN and OUT punch rounding by department, standard punch rounding (15, 5/10, 6 minute, or no rounding), automatic lunch deductions.
Allows shifts past midnight, department transfers at the clock, or via the Web.
Managers can access the records from any computer that has web access.

When your clock terminal arrives, you will need all of 30 minutes to connect it and start using the system. 
Installation is a snap:
1) Connect the hardware and give it a name
2) Setup your Departments and rules (overtime, scheduling, lockout, etc.)
3) Assign a user:  Supervisor, Administrators, Employees
You can easily update your own logo to the color screen of the biometric reader.
You may cancel your subscription at any time, or change it as your staff size changes.

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