Calctime Program Outline

CalcTime Program Outline
Please print this out, fill it out
Fax it to: (727) 576-0415
Or E-Mail to:  Timesource@hotmail.com

We will set your machine up for you before it ships, saving you time and work.


____________________________     ____________________
My Company Name                               Company Zip Code 

____________________________     _____________________
My Name                                            Direct Phone Number

Our Pay Period is:                Our current pay period started on:
Weekly          ______           Date:  ________________
Bi-Weekly      ______

We Pay Overtime:    YES ____     No ____
OT at 40 Hours  ____    OT at 8 Hours in a day  ____

Rounding:  None: _____    1/4 Hour (15 minute rule): _____

Please print clearly.  Call us if you have any questions.

Fax it back to (727) 576-0415