Employeestimeclocks is not us!

www.employeestimeclocks.com is not us.

Our website is www.employeetimeclocks.com 
If you accidentally mispell employee with employeeS, you get deceived, and are taken to the website of another company.

In simple terms, it is Employee Time Clocks, a simple, clear, correctly spelled web site and business name.  If you have stumbled upon this page by typing www.employeestimeclocks.com (look closely), then we have accomplished our goal, to keep your business that we have worked so long and hard for.

Employeetimeclocks, if you read it closely, is nonsense. 
Employee Time Clocks   is correct.
Employees Time Clocks is incorrect.

It's important that you know that employeestimeclocks is not all the same as employeetimeclocks.  Imagine another car company were to register your company name with a slight difference and you then are redirected to a competitor's website..

Give it some thought..