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We stock and sell biometric time clocks.  Call us today if you need information about any of the thumbprint time clock or biometric time clock systems.  We know the software, we know the hardware.  Biometric time clocks have different applications, be sure to get the right one for your business.
Things to know about biometric clocks:
1)  Handpunch readers have been around since 1978, they have an outstanding record of reliability - read “readability“.  All Handpunchers are made in USA. Handpunch reads the hand from the top-down, it updates constantly as the hand changes, and compares the veins, tendon, rotated fingers, knobby knuckes, relationship of the cuticle to the outside of the finger, thickness and width of the palm, and more.  As you look deeper in to this, you will find confirmation that handpunch readers use upwards of 18,000 points of reference to decide who's hand this is.  You can't beat them.  A scratched or dirty hand does not affect the reading.

2)  Fingerprint readers - also called thumbprint readers work marginally at best.  They either used the galvanic response of the finger, or more recently, they scan 18 to just 28 points of reference from the fingerprint itself.  Leathery, calloused, scratched, or grimy fingers cannot be read. 
Some offices put a towell by the fingerprint reader, and a bottle of lotion.  That seems to help.  If you have the budget, get one with a keypad.  The keypad allows you a “plan B“ in the event that a finger cannot be read consistantly.  Normally you can assign a person a number to be used in the event that they can't be read by the optical reader - remember, this is 18 to 28 points of reference, instead of 18,000.  You get what you pay for.

3) Facial Recognition.  This is the newest thing.  While a hand can be dirty, scratched, or leathery, a face ID system is a little more picky.  If you enroll without glasses, it may have a problem reading you when you wear them.  If you enroll with your “poker face“, it will not recognize you if you smile.  Also, your head has to be within an inch or two of the distance it was when you enrolled.  Make a funny face or wear a hat, and it will not recognize you.  Facial Recognition is just now (2011) getting out to the market place, so improvements will be forthcoming.

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