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Looking for reliable thumbprint or biometric time clock systems? Look no further! We are your trusted source for top-notch biometric time clocks. With our extensive knowledge of both software and hardware, we can provide you with the perfect solution tailored to your business needs.

Here's what you need to know about biometric clocks:

  1. Handpunch Readers: With a proven track record since 1978, Handpunch readers offer exceptional reliability and readability. Made in the USA, these readers employ advanced technology that analyzes various hand attributes including veins, tendons, rotated fingers, knobby knuckles, cuticle positioning, palm thickness, and more. With over 18,000 reference points, Handpunch readers ensure accurate identification, even if the hand is scratched or dirty.

  2. Fingerprint Readers: Also known as thumbprint readers, these devices have their limitations. Some models rely on galvanic response, while others scan a limited number of fingerprint reference points (ranging from 18 to 28). Factors like calloused, leathery, scratched, or grimy fingers can affect their performance. To overcome these challenges, some offices provide towels and lotion near the fingerprint reader. Alternatively, opting for a fingerprint reader with a keypad offers a backup option for consistent readings. Keypads allow users to enter a designated number when fingerprint recognition fails. Remember, investing in higher-quality readers yields better results.

  3. Facial Recognition: The latest innovation in biometric technology, facial recognition offers a unique approach. However, it has its specific requirements. Enrolling without glasses may cause issues when wearing them later on. Likewise, if you enroll with a neutral expression, the system may not recognize you when you smile. Additionally, maintaining a consistent distance from the camera is crucial. Any sudden changes, such as making funny faces or wearing a hat, can impact recognition. Although facial recognition technology is continually improving, it's important to be aware of its current limitations.

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