TimeVue - how to remove old employees

An old customer asked us this most common question, the other day:
“How do I clean up my employee list?”
Answer:  Properly Archive your punch data.  Th
at's all you need to do.

You need to archive your records, including allowing it to delete old punch data (and store in the archive) then select reset all clocks.  Poll the clock.  The list will be cleaned-up.  Before you archive, make sure:

1) the employee is punched "OUT" or no punch data is shown.
2) you have deleted him from the clock.
3) you have selected the trash can, so that his status says Edited or Delete Pending.
4) select Archive (and save it to the “Time Clock Records” folder)
      remove old punch data
      reset the clock(s)
      poll the clock

Check, your employee list should be much shorter. That's it!