Replacing TimeSource with TimeVue

This method is easy and fool-proof.


First, print out the Time Clock Rules.  RULES is on your switchboard. Copy the screen, or carefully write down all the settings.  There is a PRINT button there...

Next, print out the Time Clock List.  That will have your connection settings for that computer.

Make an archive, save it to a unique file, or a thumbdrive.

Using the Add/Delete in the Control Panel, uninstall Timeource.  It's a messy uninstall, take the safe route and say NO to any warnings.  You're not risking anything. 

Once it's gone, go in to the C drive directory, Programs, and delete the TimeSource Folder, and all its contents.  If there is a TIBBO file, delete that too. 

Reboot your computer.

Install TimeVue and register it online. You will get your initial activation code from Icon, on line. 
---  Before doing going further ahead, reboot the computer leaving the CD in the drive.  Once rebooted, and the processor is done processing, remove the CD.
---  If you have purchased any upgrades, install them now.
--- When done, select Restore, navigate to your archive and upload it.

Check your time clock Rules.  Fix them if need-be. 
Check the TIME CLOCK list, correct it if necessary. 
If you are using network clocks, read our directions, and run the TIBBO program to make the clocks communicate to the new program.

Select "Set time" and let it set the clock's time and date to your computer's time and date (make sure that's correct - right click on the computer's clock to correct it, matching the time to your cell phone), then set the clock time from the clock list.

Also from the clock list, select RESET ALL CLOCKS - this looks different, it's the second "critter" from the right - hover over them, they light-up.  Close that screen.

Across from it, to the right, see Poll Time Clock.  Poll the clock.  This will activate all the employees in your system, at the clock.

You are done.