How to delete employees from HandPunch and TimeVue software

How to delete employees from HandPunch, and TimeVue software

Print out an employee list. Find this on any employee file, select the head photo.

Print out that list.

Using a Yellow Hi-Liter, mark every person that is no longer working for you.

Open up each employees file, click on their department, then select delete department assignment.

At the top, select the little head with the red "x" next to it. This will delete them from your software, and their status will change from Active to Delete Pending.

Go through the list, do this to all ex-employees.

Next, go to Time Clocks. select the second circular icon from the right, "Reset all clocks" and then close this screen.
Select Poll Time Clock and poll the clock.

Once it is done, you will be prompted to make an archive and remove old punch data. Say yes, make the archive, and most importantly, remove the old punch data.

This saves the punch records, and updates the employee count in the software.

At the HandPunch:
Sign in as a supervisor.
Select 4# for the function - you normally add employees here. Go further, to Delete Employees.

Using the employee list, enter their numbers and delete them.

This frees up the employee space on your handpunch.

Joe Wagner