Hand Punch Service, HandPunch Repairs

We refurbish hand clocks.

This was done in one day.
Notice the kitchen grease, the melted front end - and how it looks now.

We repair the following HandPunch clocks:
HandPunch50E        Novatime HandPunch
HandPunch1000       Time America HandPunch
HandPunch1000E     Acroprint HandPunch

HandPunch2000       Icon HandPunch
HandPunch3000       Amano HandPunch
HandPunch4000       ADP Hand Punch service

Employee Time Clocks skilled service technicians can clean, clear and restore the program in your hand punch clock in short order.  We can take a ruined machine and turn it back to nearly, or as-new, condition, normally within three days - less if you have a true “rush” situation.   CALL NOW:  1 800 682 3389
       Ruined                                         Replaced

hand punch repairs