To the Commissioner for Trademarks:

Application serial no. 85066238 (EMPLOYEETIMECLOCKS.COM) has been amended as follows:

Applicant proposes to amend the following class of goods/services in the application:

Class 009 for Chronographs for use as specialized time recording apparatuses; Computer software and hardware for disseminating advertising for others on employee earnings and third party paper payroll stubs and checks and on electronic payroll payments; Computer software that provides real-time, integrated business management intelligence by combining information from various databases and presenting it in an easy-to-understand user interface; Computer software, namely, an application allowing sales and field service employees to update and receive data stored in an enterprise's computer databases in real time, using a mobile device, with full telephony integration with the telephone and/or software features of the mobile device; Computerized time clock with fingerprint recognition; Electronic products for the manipulation of the frequency, time, and amplitude characteristics of audio signals, namely, audio processors; Gas appliance alarm timer for detecting and alerting the presence of gas flow after a prescribed period of time; Hourglasses; Hubs for timing dials; Luminous variable/dynamic signs using light emitting diodes and electronic controllers to produce real-time and programmable messages and information displays; Punch clocks; Radios incorporating clocks; Time clocks; Time lapse digital cameras for viewing plant growth; Time lapse image recorder; Time recording apparatus.