How do time clocks stop buddy punching?

Straight talk about stopping buddypunching - we wrote this in answer to a customer inquiry, a medical doctor, named Don.

Lets assume you and I are friends - we have worked together for a few years, neither one of us signs the checks, it's us versus the rich business owner (yeah, you get the point, you and I, we're "loaded" in the view of our employees)...  It's "us workers versus the rich business owner/risk taker who has it made".

Addressing buddy punching from lowest to highest security, a few down to earth examples:

Carrying a swipe badge in ones pocket, I would have to give you my badge.  I want to leave early on Friday when, the boss is out of the office.
I hand my 'friend my card, I leave at 3:30, they swipe me out at 5:00.  Problem is, my 'friend' has to get my card back to me before I can punch in the next day.  People end up coming in, hanging out, but not punching in until their friend returns - unless the friend hides the card on site for me.   So that's not a good plan.

Using the entire social security number as the employee PIN number, it's unlikely you would share that with me, your best 'bud.  Most people just use the last 5, but you can use all nine.  That seems to work a lot better.

Biometric Fingerprint Readers:  One in fifty people can beat it, as there are a lot of similarities in prints using the inexpensive technology at this price point.  It's a good fit for most clean office environments.  5% of the people cannot be read at all, or inconsistently, as they have leathery, dirty, calloused, fingers. 

They do labor, garden, shovel snow, fix cars, play tennis, do a lot of laundry, or are just over 50 and the collegin is drying up in their fingers.  They would need to use a PIN number, and in all systems with keypads/fingerprint readers, you can set it for just that one person.

Facial Recognition:  Unbeatable, only problem is that if someone enrolls with contacts, it won't know who they are when they show up with glasses. If they grow a beard, they will have to re-enroll at the clock.  If they change their hair style dramatically, they would have to re-enroll.  Artificial Intelligence that works as you would expect it to, is still decades away.

Hand Punch:   It always works.  Then HandPunch reader uses a scattered field laser generator that reads several thousand reference points looking at the hand from the top, down.  The hand can be cut, bruised, wet, dirty, it will not matter.  You will never have a problem with the device not being able to read a hand, unless the machine gets really filthy.  Then it just needs cleaning, which normally, you can do with a damp cloth.  You can always put it in a cabinet to keep it clean and protected.

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