Handpunch2000e Product Information

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Product information and hands-on overview of the HandPunch 2000E
Model:                     Hand Punch 2000E
Application:             Office, banks, warehouse, manufacturing, large employee populations
Guarantee:              One Year Factory, Boulder Colorado service
Capacity:                 512 employees, non-expandable
Communications:     Ethernet only
All handpunch clocks that say “E“ are “Ethernet“ only.  
Without the “E“, you can link via RS232, USB, and telephone modem

HP2000E Description:  1 to 10 digit employee ID number is entered, then the employee places their hand on the platform.  Less than 1 second later, it presents a “SCORE“.  This “score“ is used to train and encourage the employee to stand directly in front of the clock, so that it gets an accurate read on the hand.
How it works:  Using a mixture of lasers, infrared beams and mirrors, it develops a 3-D map of the employees hand.  It saves and matches that image to the employees PIN number. When the employee enters their PIN number, it then compares the 3-D image. Since it is using several thousand measurements, it is unbeatable, and it always reads the hand - unlike low cost facial or finger biometric systems.
If the hand does not match the stored image, it then says “Place Hand“ again, and does not present a score.  Eventually (quickly), they realize that buddy-punching is hopeless and they have lost.

RSI part number:                     HP 2000 E
Verification time:                      Less than one second
Capacity:                                512 employees
Storage:                                 5,120 transactions - employee punches - between downloads
Template size:                        9 bytes (compressed internally in HP)
HP2000E communications:       Ethernet/network
HP2000 communications:        50'RS232, optional USB, optional telephone modem
Power supply:                        12 to 18 VDC, 60Hz
Power consumption:                7 to 8 watts (idle), 21 watts active
Operating Temp Range:          14 F to 113 F
Humidity:                               5% to 85% non-condensing
Size:                                     12“ high, 9“ wide, 9“ deep (rounded up)
Installed Weight:                    6 lbs.

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