Calctime Force A Purge


Normally, a Calctime system will delete all the punch information three days after the end of a pay cycle.  Occasionally, this does not happen for reasons we will never understand. Normally, if you leave it alone for a few more pay cycles, it will sort itself out. However, you can force a purge if that is what you want to do. However, this will wipe out all punch data, so you'll want to do it right after the last person punches out for the current pay period, then run a report for that pay period. It will not clear the names, numbers, or other settings.

To force a purge:
First, run all your payroll reports.

Go in to the supervisor menu as you normally do. #, ENTER, 1234, ENTER.

Next, Press #.  It should say ENTER PASSWORD. Enter the days date (example, today is August 20, so I would enter 0820 then ENTER.

Use the arrow key until CLEAR ALL FILES is displayed, then press ENTER.

When this is complete, just press clear twice to go back to normal operating mode.
All punches will be erased, but the employee files, pay cycle, overtime and rounding rules will all be intact.