Calctime, How to change the payroll cycle

How to change a pay cycle in CalcTime

If you are changing the pay cycle, first print out the current punch records!

Next, you change the pay period (pay cycle, maybe from weekly to bi-weekly, perhaps you are changing the day that the pay period ends from Monday to Wednesday..

Next, we have to force the date change for the new rules to take effect - it will work automatically if you leave them alone, but you may be happier if it started to work properly right away.

Go in to the SUPERVISOR MENU, select SETUP, go to the pay period and set that up.

Next, go to the DATE/TIME and set it up for 11:59PM, the day before the pay period is to start (go in to the future, to the end of the new pay period, set it for one minute before the current, corrected pay period is ending. Exit this.

Let it run for one minute, and go to the next day - the start of the new pay period.

Go back in to the SUPERVISOR MENU, go to DATE AND TIME, and reset it back to the current date and current time.

Now the new pay cycle will be correct and running properly.