Time Clocks that Tracks Breaks and rings bells

This is part of an answer we sent a customer who was looking for a time clock system that would account for paid breaks, and also ring bells.  Bottom line:  We have it.

There is only one computerized clocking system that will allow for paid breaks (as opposed to an unpaid break, lunchtime), and ring bells.
To do that, they will need to punch OUT of their group (we use the term departments in the trade), and IN to another department called BREAK. When they come back, they would have to punch OUT of BREAK, and back in to their home department - call it Production, Office, whatever.


Most often, you just let the bells do the job, the employees simply quit working for 10-15 minutes, then come back in when the bell sounds again. See if you can forget about using break tracking, no one has really done a good job of fixing that issue.


The CalcTime does not run bells. You'd need a separate timer for that. I suggest you get the Amano clock instead. It can run bells with our unique power supply - something we actually build here, which saves you a ton of aggarvation trying to figure it out yourself.



You would add the separate power supply and a bell or buzzer (or two of them if you have a large facility, or need to put one of them outside the building). They are on the on the options list below. You can use unique PIN numbers, or the included magnetic swipe badges. This will cost you about $550 total, more or less. There are no ongoing fees, it's yours forever.


A stand-alone system that will do exactly what you originally requested is this:


It WILL track breaks. It will even dock them if they take longer than the preset break length (10 or 15 minutes, you set it). If they take 12 minutes, it would pay them 10, and dock them the 2. And so-on. They just drop the Amano time card in the machine, it prints their time and IN. When they take a break, when the bell sounds, they press the # button on the keypad, and drop the card in. When they come back from break, they simply drop the card in again, and it continues until lunch or end of day. It will also ring bells with the addition of the signal board kit, which is also on this page.