How to install TimeVue on a Windows 8 computer, from Windows 7 or XP

How to install TimeVue in your new Windows 8 computer:

This assumes you have it on an earlier version of Windows, and a new Icon CD (2013 or newer), with the Windows 8 drivers.

1)     Insert the CD and load the software.

2)      Enter the activation code when prompted.

3)      Restart  your computer (if that is an option on Windows 8) then remove the CD.

4)      Go to the other computer ( where the clock is currently running) and
  make an archive of your records.

5)      Save that archive to a USB drive

6)      Remove then plug it in to your Windows 8 computer.

7)      Launch TimeVue on the new PC and restore your records from that archive.

8)    Now, select Clocks.  From the clock list, if it is a USB connection, hit TEST.