How to replace TimeSource with TimeVue

How to replace TimeSource with TimeVue:
Written by Employee Time 1(800)682-3389

    1) Make an archive, store it on the computer, and also on a thumb drive (copy it over).
    2) Disconnect the clock's data cable at the clock, connect it when you have finished this work.

    3) From the Windows Control Panel, delete the TimeSource program
    then delete the files that come with dangerous warnings. It's okay.

    4) Right click on START, at the lower left of your monitor, select Explore.
    From Windows Explore, find the TimeSource folder (probably on the “C” drive, delete it. 

    Restart the computer.

    Insert the TimeVue CD and install the software, you will need to got to
  then locate “Product Registration”.
    egister the new TimeVue software and get the activation code.
    There is a survey to fill out. Just give them your company name, contact, email, and software
    serial number.
    The activation code is presented on the next screen. Write it in the owners manual.

    Ignore the rest of the survey.

    Install the activation code, leave the CD in, reboot the PC again. 
    Once that's done (2 minutes, be patient), remove the CD.

    Open the program.   Select Archive, tell it to Restore, find the archive file on your
    thumb drive or desktop, and restore it. 
    Tell it to
    APPEND TO EXISTING DATA.  Do Not “Overwrite” or “Replace” existing data.

    Plug the clocks data cable back in.

    10) Go to time clocks, make it communicate.  Toggle different COM port numbers
    until TEST says OKAY.  If you get stuck here, call Icon Support. 
    You can also synchronize your clock's time to your computer's time from this same panel.
    1.800.847.2232 xt 1 Poll the clock. It should work.