View IP address of a HandPunch clock using Icon Timevue

There are two ways to locate the existing IP address of the HandPunch on a network:
A) From the computer:

1) Open TimeVue. 
2) Select Clocks
3) You will now see the clock, it's clock name, and to the right of the name,
    will be the IP address.
If you change the IP address in the software, you must also make the change
manually at the clock.

B) At the clock itself:
1) Have a supervisor sign in.
2) Select function 2 # 
    (normally they are selecting 4 # to add and delete employees and supervisors)
3) Following the prompts (using *NO to step from section to section)
    get to "SET SERIAL" and hit # YES.

4) The IP address will be displayed.   
    They can exit the program  by hitting YES a couple of times, the Clear.
    The IP address can be changed here. 
Changes at the clock do not change the software.

search words:  Hand punch, TimeVue, TCP/IP