How to reuse a Icon TimeVue or TimeSource RFID Badge
To reassign an Icon badge, you must complete the following steps:

1) Find the badge in your employee list - there is a drop down menu, it sorts in order of increasing numbers. 
    If it is not on there, odds are high it can be reassigned like a new badge.
    If it is on the list, then bring up the file and delete, or make sure the clock assignment is deleted from
    that badge/employee.

    Side note:  The last out punch for that badge must be at least two months old.  It's
    just a rule, it matters.  If you really need to understand, then call and we can talk.

2) Once the card is no longer assigned to a clock, it should say "Edited". 
    Select the Trash Can icon and it should then say     Delete Pending, or something like that.  
    Go to the Switchboard, select Time Clocks. 
    Select RESET ALL (clocks) then close it and poll all clocks.
3) A)  Select Archive and make an archive. Give it today's date.  Ex:  July 1 2016A. 
    Save it to a folder called "Time Clock Records". 
    One of the steps in maintaining a mission-critical system backup for your time
    and attendance records is to save monthly archives, and the database 
    (DataStorage.TVD) in a file on your PC or better yet, your Server, called
    "Time Clock".  It should be saved there.  At the very least, make a folder on your
    desktop, or in the TimeVue folder, called Time Clock Records.
    B)  When Archiving, it will ask you to remove data prior to a system prompted date. 
    The correct answer is YES..  This removes unused badges (the reason we are
    doing this) and corrects the number of active employees in your system.
4) When this is done, your active employee count will normally be lower
    (old employee records have been removed and stored in the Archive file. 
    If the badge has not been used in 2 months, it will now be available to be assigned
    to a new employee.  If you ever need to bring up the old records (for a long-range
    report, for an audit, etc) there is a way to do that correctly,
    --  and several ways to do it incorrectly.

Click HERE for How to Restore an Archive.