How to move TimeVue from an old computer to a new computer
How to move TimeVue from an old computer to a new computer

You must have the TimeVue CD and the activation code that you originally got online when you first activated it - from Icon Time Systems.

Punch everyone out on the clock, and poll the clock - if you can.

On the old pc, make an archive of the current records. Save it to a thumb drive.

On the new pc, go to, find support, then downloads.
Find Update TimeVue.

Simply download this file and run it on your "C" drive.  This prepares the computer to accept whatever older version of TimeVue that you may have, for the new Windows 7 or 8 operating systems.  It's not tricky, it just puts programs in place for the next step:

Insert the CD in the new PC and follow the prompts.  Enter the activation code.  Finish the installation. 
Restart the PC leaving the CD in, until the machine has completely restarted.
Remove the CD.

Open TimeVue, select RESTORE, then insert the thumb drive.
When this opens, select APPEND to existing data.

Once done, your records should be imported.  Check the pay cycle.
Now, run the TIBBO program to make it communicate to the PC.