Amano Technical Support Story
Nicks company is using 10th hour rounding, it's upsetting 150+ employees.  He needs a good argument to present to his boss, the company owner, to fix this.

Hello, Nick:
You are currently using 10th's of an hour rounding, which is 1)  difficult for most people to understand, and 2) very, very rare. It's rare because no one likes it. That's bad for employee morale, and that's  bad for the bottom line. Profits suffer. I suggest you change it.
 Currently your rounding settings are a: 06# 01# 06E. This docks people 6 minutes if they punch in one minute after the break point (typically 7AM). 7:01 docks them to 7:07AM. It's legal, but it doesn't seem fair, although mathematically it works. It's hard to understand, and that causes dissention.

 Most (90%) of all businesses use the customary 15 minute rounding rule. The settings would be this: 15# 8# 8E then "I" to save it. 7:07 pays  back to 7AM, 7:08 pays forward to 7:15AM I suggest you make this change  in all the clocks.
You also have IN Punch and OUT punch rounding zones in the clock you and I talked about (clock 2?). At address 110, you have 1# 630# 700E. This is the first IN Punch of the day, rounding all punches up from 6:30AM until 7:00AM. If a bell went off, they'd know it was time to go to work at  7:00. Your current system has no tolerance for them to punch in a second after 7:00, as it docks them. Human nature is otherwise. The rounding I suggest above accommodates this.

You have OUT Punch rounding at address 111. Any OUT Punch between 3:30  and 3:45 pays back to 3:30PM. If they work to 3:46, it pays the entire 15  minutes, as they have crossed the threshold.  Daylight Savings adjustment: 20E 1101# 0313 E then "I". Do this immediately on all the clocks. Time correction: Set it to your time clock system, or to your cell phone.
 10E # # newtime in 0-23 hours and minutes, then E. The display goes  blank, no need for pressing the "I". This is the only exception to pressing the "I".

 I don't know if you know this, but we can add synchronized bells and buzzers to your MJR's. This way they will  always know when to start and stop, and when to come back from lunch, all that. We can do this.

Employee Time Clocks, division of
 Florida Time Clock,  Inc., Est. 1991


This will do the trick! Thanks again for taking your time to help me
distinguish what exactly we have and where we need to go to accomplish the
appropriate fix.

Best regards,
Nicholas C. Basone Sr
Instrumentation/Calibration Manager
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