New California Wage and Hour Law Seminar

Wage and Hour Law-California laws 2016

This seminar has now passed.  We will update when we find a new one that addresses 2017 California wage and hour laws
Live on Thursday, March 10, 2016 @ 12:30 PM ET by Vicki M. Lambert (CPP), [ Few Slots Left ].
Credits: Approved for [2.0 CPE by NASBA], [1.5 PDC by SHRM], [1.5 credits by HRCI] and Applied for [2.0 RCH by APA]
It's true that California has a style of its own - this is especially true in the area of employment law. It can be a bit complex situation to stay in compliance with California requirements while processing payroll considering that it has arguably the largest amount of hour and wage laws compared to any state. An unaware and careless employer may fall on potential traps while handling issues such as travel time, donning and doffing, local minimum wage, mandatory sick leave, call-backs, split shifts, meals and meal periods, overtime, and numerous other pitfalls.
Join this webinar by expert speaker Vicki M. Lambert, (CPP) that will give you the knowledge and skills in payroll preparation according to California and Federal wage and hour laws.
Session Highlights:
  • Wage orders: How to determine which of the 17 wages orders applies to your company?
  • Overtime: CA has daily and weekly overtime and daily and weekly double time
  • Alternative workweeks: Are your employees eligible to have alternative workweeks and are employers required to offer them?
  • Minimum Wage: New rates for 2016.
  • On call pay: Does CA require it for all employees all the time?
  • Split shifts: Is there a monetary requirements to pay the employee extra if they work a split shift?
  • New rules for compensating piece workers.
    • What are the requirements for posters and payday notices?
    • What notices are required to be given to employees upon hire or if they are laid off or terminated. What if they go on leave of absence?
    • Are meal and rest periods required or left up to the employer's policies? If required what are the penalties if the employees does not receive his or her meal or rest period.
    • Recordkeeping requirements including required time card punches.
    • Permissible deductions from pay.
    • Mandatory Sick Leave Law