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 Universal Time Clock Software Upgrades Overview

This two-page document was created for UTC resellers and gives an overview of the optional software upgrades, available for the Universal Time Clock product line with V2.5 and Icon TotalPass software changes highlighted.

To maximize your sales results, be sure to update your software upgrade descriptions on your websites and use the new upgrade logos included in your V2.5 Dealer Sales Tool Kit.


The Advanced Pack upgrades a SB-100 PRO time clock with all the software functionalities of a base RTC-1000 V2.5 time clock. This Includes:

o    Employee capacity expansion from 25 users to 50 users

o    Customized Employee PIN numbers to clock IN/OUT

o    Record/track notes by employee punch, for tracking specific notes or reasons for adjustments

o    Ability to network up to 16 RTC-1000 time clocks (or 250 ee cap) over network or Internet

o    Web Punch module including a set of 5 employee licenses

o    Track and calculate tips, jobs or piece counts

o    Create Report option to allow custom report filters to track tardy punches and more

o    Password-protected multi-supervisor login with customized permission level settings to assign employees by supervisor and more

o    Sort, track and categorize employees by up to 32 de