TimePilot includes Job Costing Software

 Your TimePilot system can also be used for Job Costing.  Job Costing can be used to financially account for the time an individual project takes during the workday, or how long an employee takes to complete a particular project.  

Lets say you run a remodeling company and use TimePilot Extreme. In a single shift, your employees might be doing framing, then putting up drywall, then painting—and one employee might be doing some plumbing, too. TimePilot’s job costing feature allows you to see how each employee spent his or her day and also to determine how much time all employees spent framing, drywalling, painting and plumbing.

 To do this, each employee must carry a black iButton, and several colored ones.  The black iButton is used to clock IN and OUT at the start and end of the day for payroll purposes.  The colored iButtons are used to record the start and finish time of particular jobs and tasks.   An example would be when an employee starts drywalling, he would tap his yellow iButton at the IN probe.  It beeps.  When finished he would tap the yellow iButton to the OUT probe.  Then tap his red iButton to the IN probe to indicate he is starting on the trim.

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