Upgrade your TotalPass to WiFi, now!
Icon TotalPass Time Clocks come with WiFi.  This is as of January 2, 2017.

If you have an older Icon TotalPass, you can add WiFi yourself.  It's easy.
1) Order this part:
          Click on it.
2) We send you the actual part.  Inside the clock is a USB socket.
    You install this unique USB drive in to it.  This is the WiFi circuitry.
3) We send you a link for a download from Icon Time Systems, which updates your TotalPass.  
4)  You download this file to a USB thumb drive on your computer.
5)  You plug this thumbdrive in to the USB connection on the bottom of your TotalPass.
6)  It automatically installs the newest update, and the program it needs to make the clock WiFi capable.  This is all done in less than three minutes.

Setting up your WiFi connection is also very easy.  If you have no WiFi password, it will link up automatically.  If you have a WiFi password (you really should), then the password is entered at the clock following the highly intuitive prompts.  Alpa-Numeric and Symbols are all supported.

Icon TotalPass with WiFi connection, it's here now.