Hand Punch and Amano MJR Service

One-Day Service on Amano MJR and most Hand Punch Clocks
Sensors cleaned, laser and optics alignment, etc. Board level diagnostics.

Call  1 800 682 3389 now.

Buy a new one, or get yours fixed - fast!  No charge for estimates.
27+ years direct hands-on experience repairing, installing, and providing technical support.

No minimum charge for in-house estimates. There is no "catch". 
If you decide not to, you pay the return shipping, or we toss it.
You can even use your own shipping number.

You won't have to wait 3 to 4 weeks for a middleman it to ship to Schlage and back.
We do the work in our shop.

All MJR and Hand Punch clocks are treated as "rush". 
We stock the parts. All work is guaranteed for one year. Give us a call today.

   Amano-MJR8000-in-our-shop.jpg      Amano MJR Signal.jpg
Notice the grime, the melted front end - and how it looks now.

Hand Punch Service
It comes back clean and running like new.
Hand Punch employee upgrades, platen and other parts, hand punch modems, hand punch ethernet cards - in stock.
Models we service:  ADP, Hand Punch 2000L, Hand Punch 50E,
Hand Punch 1000, Hand Punch 1000E, Hand Punch 2000 and 2000E
Hand Punch 3000 and 3000E, Hand Punch 4000 and 4000E

Amano MJR Service
When they come back, they look fresh again, they run much quieter.
Amano MJR7000, MJR7000EZ service, MJR8000, MJR8000N and MJR8100
Printers (HS and LS), (tip and ring assemblies for ribbon advancing), battery packs, sensors, key pads, LCD display panels, card guides, stepping motors, we do it all.

  ..  The Operating Room  ..   Think of it as a man-cave with a womans touch, now and then.

Guarantee: One Year Parts and Labor