Why You Need a Bell System

WorkShift Timers Organize People and Make You Money


You are in manufacturing.  You have 10 or more employees.
Breaks take 2 to 5 minutes longer for each person, all the time.
Lunches take a few extra minutes, every day, and it's a hassle getting people back to work after lunch. 

Stop the drama: The bell becomes the "bad guy." 

With a simple bell system (people do not quit when these are installed),
they will start promptly at the starting time. 

With a two minute warning, they will go back to work at the end of break, on-time. 
With the same two minute warning, they will go back to work after LUNCH, on-time.


That's the common-sense.  This is the math - We all believe in hard numbers:
1 employee.  $20/hour, INCLUDING TAXES AND BENEFITS

   - you know this is "low." That's .34 (34 cents) per minute. 
Recover 1 minute of paid work time from morning break.  More like 3 minutes..

Recover 2 minutes of paid work time from lunch. 
Recover 1 more minute of work time  from afternoon break.


1+2+1 = 4 minutes a day, one employee.  $.34 x 4 = $1.36 a day, 5 days a week.

$6.80 per week in additional labor   50 weeks.  
Savings:  $340 for just ONE employee.

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