Hand Punch Repairs, Albany NY Region

We provide on-site Hand Punch repair services in the Albany NY region.

Same or next-day on-site service by a seasoned (25+ years) technician. Parts replacement, calibration, reset, all done on-site. 
We sell and repair Hand Punch 1000, Hand Punch 1000E, Hand Punch 2000, Hand Punch 3000 and Hand Punch 4000
Additionally ADP Hand Punch, Acroprint Hand Punch, Amano Hand Punch and Time America Hand Punch.
All work is guaranteed.  Call our main office number, we will dispatch our Albany technician to your business office.

             Before                                                                          After



Hand Punch Service. 
When we are done, it is clean and running like new.
Hand Punch employee upgrades, platen and other parts, hand punch modems, hand punch ethernet cards - in stock.
Models we service:  ADP, Hand Punch 2000L, Hand Punch 50E,
Hand Punch 1000, Hand Punch 1000E, Hand Punch 2000 and 2000E
Hand Punch 3000 and 3000E, Hand Punch 4000 and 4000E

Areas covered:  Albany NY region - within 150 miles North, east and west.  Albany to Plattsburg, NY, and Burlington, Vermont.  Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, Queesnbury and Warren, Washington, Fort Ann, Balston Spa, Burlington Vermont, Rutland, Schenectady, Hudson Falls, Fulton, Hamilton, Lake Placid, Catskill, Hudson, Troy.