Wage overpayments, how to recover lost overtime money

Wage Overpayments - Prevention and Recovery

Introducing our Exclusive Webinar: Mastering Wage Overpayment Recovery - Simplify Your Payroll Process!

Are you tired of the tedious and challenging task of recovering wage overpayments? We understand the struggles faced by payroll professionals like you. With state and federal regulations varying and complexities increasing, it's crucial to stay compliant while ensuring a smooth recovery process. That's why we're here to help!

Join our highly acclaimed keynote speaker, Patrick Haggerty, in an information-packed session where he will share invaluable insights and best practices to minimize overpayment issues, particularly during employment terminations. Say goodbye to time-consuming recoveries and hello to streamlined processes!

Here's a sneak peek of what will be covered in this power-packed session:

  1. Unveiling the Recovery Methods: Discover the secrets of utilizing payroll deductions for efficient recovery while complying with state and federal wage and hour laws. Learn when and how employee consent comes into play.

  2. Alternative Recovery Approaches: In cases where payroll deduction is restricted or not feasible, explore alternative methods to recover overpayments. Gain valuable strategies for dealing with former employees and overcoming recovery challenges.

  3. Navigating Subsequent Year Recovery: Demystify the complexities surrounding recovery in a subsequent calendar year. Delve into same calendar year recovery, the implications of net pay versus gross pay repayment, and how subsequent year recovery impacts wage calculations.

  4. Tax Computations Made Easy: Learn the art of handling partial recovery scenarios and seamlessly manage wages and tax reporting for the year of overpayment and the year of recovery. Gain confidence in your tax computations!

  5. Best Practices and Compliance Training: Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to prevent, detect, and control wage overpayment issues. Discover industry best practices that will revolutionize your payroll process.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from Patrick Haggerty, an accomplished tax practitioner, author, and educator. With extensive experience in accounting and tax practice, he has been sharing his expertise since 1988.

Simplify your payroll process, ensure compliance, and bid farewell to the hassles of wage overpayment recovery. Join us for this must-attend webinar and take your payroll management to new heights!

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