Restoring Acroprint TimeQ+ and Acroprint Rx software

How to restore Acroprint RX and TimeQ+ software - a lifeline!

I want to ensure that if the computer running the Attendance Rx dies, I can reinstall the software on a new system and restore the data. Is there a documented procedure for this?


  1. Copy the folders Data and TQTemplates to a safe location.
  2. If ATRx clients are running, shut down those applications.
  3. Install the server application at the new location and restart the computer.
  4. Shut down the Setup Wizard.
  5. Replace the new, empty versions of the two folders with the saved versions.
  6. Start the application.
  7. Open ATRx System Utilities/timeQplus settings (right click on the icon of a desk in the bottom right corner by the computer time).
  8. Enable the appropriate communication protocol.
  9. In the Administrator, open the timeQplus page.
  10. Remove Terminal.
  11. Add Terminal, electing to Clear All Users when given the choice.
  12. Use the arrows to push all employees to the right hand column.
  13. Click .


It is necessary to remove the terminal and add it back in this manner because the terminal record in the database contains a unique identifier for the computer.  This ID will obviously no longer apply if the data is relocated to a different computer.  Reloading Windows on the same computer will also sometimes cause the ID to change.


If restoring a backup to the original computer, skip the steps referencing the re-installation of the application.  Simply shut down the server application and replace the two folders with the most recent backup then restart the application.  It may be necessary to stop the following in Task Manager:


Attendance Rx





Once the folders are in place, manually restart arxservice then start the application.  Once the server is running, restart the clients.