Amano TCX21 Instructions

Amano TCX21 How to set  Date and Time

Remove cover, see three button on top.  Program, Change, and Enter

Press (tap) Program.  See the word DATE.
Hit Enter.  See the year (02 is 2002, 19 is 2019)
Change the year by pressing Change until the correct year is shown.
Hit Enter to save.

See the month and date on the screen.  Press Enter, month will be flashing.
Press Change until you get the correct month (01 - 12).
Press Enter to save and step to the date.

Date is now flashing (01 - 31).  Press Change until you see the right date.
Press Enter to save.
Now it is all flashing - year, month, and date.  Press Enter to save your work.
This steps you over to the time (Cloc)

Note, if the date is correct, just hit Change, it will step to the Cloc screen. 

Setting time:
Press Enter. See time in 0-23 hrs, and minutes. 
Hit Change to change the Hour.  If it's okay, just hit Enter and step to the minutes.

Hit Enter to save the hour.  Hit Change to change the minutes.
Hit Enter to save.
Hit Program, the clock will spin and set to the correct YMD, and time.