2024 Daylight Savings Settings for Amano MJR time clocks

Amano MJR Daylight Savings settings, 2024  Do this today, before November 4, 2018.

Put the key in the top, turn it to the right.  The display will go blank.
Press 1 0 E.  See the year (202023 or 2024).  Press # See the Date ( whatever it is). 

Press # See the time (in 0-23 hours and standard minutes). 
Using the numbers on the keypad, and referencing your cell phone, enter the correct time (or, if it's fast, set it 2 minutes behind). 1415 would be 2:15PM  825 is 8:25AM
Press E.  The display will go blank.  

Next, press 20 E.  Press 03 10 # 11 03 E then "I".  I is the roman numeral 1 at the far upper left.
The display will go blank again.  Turn and remove the key.
Check the time before you walk away.

Feel free to call us if you need assistance.  Please be in front of the clock, with the Amano #700 silver time clock key.

See more about Amano MJR time clocks by clicking on this line.