How to establish network connection with a hand punch and TimeVue Soft

HP 1000E  (Ethernet) Network communications

 In this case, the customer already has a HandPunch clock installed on their network, and is adding a new one, or replacing an existing one.

 Open TimeVue, select clocks.
In the clock list will be your hand punch clock.  On the right will be a number similar in format to this:

If it is a second or third.. clock, copy and paste the entire line to the next line down.
Add one to the last number, 122.  122 would then be 123.
Make sure the settings to the left are the same, just give the clock the next number (if you have clocks 1 and 2, then this would be clock 3.  Same HP code, same com port.

Copy this number down.  Take it to the hand punch.
At the new Hand Punch, sign in as a supervisor, then go to address 2 #
Selecting NO, get to SET SERIAL then select YES.
Enter that IP address:  In this example,  Use the zeros.
Save and close that.  Make sure the patch cable is connected to the network.

Go to Time Clock, on the TimeVue Switchboard. Click "Test"
Enter the clock number (1), Clock Name (name it), select Type:  HP from the drop down menu.
You should be good to go.  If not, call us.

If you have technical support, we will solve it.  If you do not, we can set up support ($149 per year or $75 per incident, payable with credit card), and solve it.

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